This video  describes Part 3 of my book: When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes: Vision Loss and Personal Recovery. The 5 parts of the book follow the phases of shock, grief and gradual adjustment that people often go through after vision loss. This book is a resource and guide for people losing sight, their families, and close friends. It is available in 3 accessible formats and print.

The first video of this little series is about how the book came to be written, my background, and the wide range of contributors to it.

The next video, Part 1, talks about the many ways of losing good vision; getting a diagnosis; the shock and disbelief and first adjustments to daily life at home.

The video about Part 2 describes maintaining belief in your own worth; temporary loss of adult competence; Acceptance of the need to grieve; and the skills you can learn in vision rehab.

This video, Part 3: Practicing Skills and Social Interactions is the heart of the book and describes two more major themes. It ends with the founding chapter of the whole book: Social Encounters Without Good Vision. I hope you enjoy it!

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