Talking Blood Pressure Monitors Guest Post by Doug Rose

Photo of the A&D talking blood pressure monitor. It is blue and white with a large print display of readings.

A discussion by vision loss professionals on choosing a talking blood pressure monitor. Doug Rose gives details about his own experience. 

Doug Rose: “I have the A&D model. i have used it for a couple of years now, both my pharmacist and family physician found it reliable. It clearly speaks the readings, blood pressure, pulse, and what stage you are on the hypertension chart. It Simple to operate. The read button is large and has a tactile mark on it. I needed help to do the set up the first time.

It does not speak your past readings. But you can take it to the doctor’s office for them to review. Or I record each time it talks and enter it into a spreadsheet I can print and provide to the doctor. It comes in a nice carrying pouch. The instructions are available in a PDF file.”

Other professionals: “I like the A&D unit so much I gave one to a relative (pre-COVID)for their travels.”

“I too have used and suggested the AnD Talking Blood Pressure Monitor from LS&S. I’ve had mine for over 6 years and recently had it checked for reliability at my local pharmacy and doctor’s office. It’s accurate.

There is an option to order a larger arm cuff if a person has a large upper arm. Also the unit is made to use on the left arm so if anyone has a dialysis access site on that arm this model should not be used.

There’s another feature that surprised me. When i was working with an older client- the unit stated an ‘irregular heartbeat’. This startled me and I was relieved when my client noted that he had been aware of that condition for several years.”

“When working with a client I tried to establish a place to keep the unit that would allow a correct comfortable arm position and be close to an outlet. That way the older person wouldn’t have to keep moving the unit around.”

“I’ve used several brands in the past with no clear winner. Sometimes it came down to whether the client could get it on properly or could change the batteries independently.”

“The right one is what seems to fit client’s abilities best such as size of button, ease of use, volume,   and clarity. Be sure the client takes it to their doctor so they can compare what you buy them with the doctor’s office reading. The home readings can be adjusted (calibrated).

Hannah: It’s obviously important to handle any model you are thinking of before you decide. Possibly a vision rehab professional can show you several models?


Here is a link to the one the professionals seem to  prefer for their own use:

AnD Talking Blood Pressure Monitor. Item#481069 from LS&S.


Doug: Here is a list of the Talking Blood Pressure Monitors I found a couple of years ago:

LifeSource Talking Blood Pressure Monitor, Model UA-1030T Cuff Size: Medium (1

  1. ea) for $87.99 – Wall Greens (not available in store)

HealthSmart Premium Talking Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, Bilingual, Blue

Walmart #: 563266165$42 (not in store)

Also from ls&s Talking Blood Pressure Meter Upper Arm – HealthSmart

Item #: 481093 Price: $74.95

The Pharmacy Care Automatic Talking Blood Pressure Monitor $74.95 from Amcal

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