Video about When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes: Part 1

This video which is the second in this series, describes the first part of my book, When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes: Vision Loss and Personal Recovery.

The book has 5 parts which follow the phases that people often go through after vision loss. It is a resource and guide for people losing sight, their families, and close friends.

There are 3 accessible versions of the book as well as the print edition.

The book is written directly for you, the person losing sight, and for close family, friends, and associates. Because sight loss happens mostly to older people it is written with seniors particularly in mind.

Part One Is Called Believing the Unbelievable: Facing Trauma at the Hospital and Back Home

Most of us who lose crisp, detailed vision can’t believe it is happening and disbelieve or deny it, and for some people this can last a long time: Life experience has been all seeing, so getting our heads around not seeing is tough.

We know perfectly well that our vision is blurred, becoming contracted, or obscured, but just can’t make it fit with our experience of life.

It may be your partner or friends who read this book first. You may need some help to get set up with one of the accessible versions, but I hope you will read the book yourself, and find more independence and life satisfaction.

Part 1 has just two chapters, but 27 sections.

Each section covers one aspect of losing good sight.

I do hope you will find this video useful and encouraging…and also read the book!

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