Season’s Greetings: How Will You Send Them?

A Christmas tree on a red background from the collection of braille cards by Amber
A Christmas tree on a red background from the collection of braille cards by Amber

Here are some different ways to send greetings this season:

Do you want to be able to enjoy the cards yourself?  Food for the Poor banana bark (that is the link) Christmas and All Occasion cards: $15.00, for 10 The cards from this Catholic charity working in Haiti are made from banana bark and you can feel the figures and outlines in the pictures. The Christmas card choices are religious, and the All Occasion cards are more general, including a figure on a moonlit sea and a bird in a tree. You can also call : 1(800)427-9104

There are lots of other textured cards, but I haven’t found others that give figures and hills to trace with your fingers, while being inexpensive and for the general market.   Do you want to send a photo card? Big pharmacies and other photo departments have efficient holiday photo cards if you can send or bring your holiday photo as a computer image. If getting to a store is not so easy, or you want to create the holiday message on your card, Vista print is offering 10 folded photo cards with envelopes for $16.00. (That is the link.) As with the pharmacy photo shops, you need to have the photo uploaded onto a computer. After that, you open an account at Vista Print. Then, if you need some support in managing the form on the website a customer service person will help you. Their business hours are in Eastern Time. call 1(866) 614-8002, and then press #1.   Do you want your vision loss to appear in your choice of greeting card? The National Braille Press has a greeting card,  (that is the link) with “joy” in braille and script on the front. A box of 10 costs $20.  Their customer service department is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm EST. Call 800-548-7323.   On Etsy, the artists’ website, there are braille holiday cards for Christmas. Hanukah, and New Year. The link is Braille Cards by Amber, $5.00 each.

Do you want to make a holiday cards, perhaps with some children? There are many videos, but here is a simple one from YouTube, showing a Sponge cut into a Xmas tree shape and another in a star shape, using green and yellow washable paint, with red and blue sparkle glue to decorate it. Jeanette Connor, How to make a Christmas card  is the link. There is a 10 second ad before the video begins. For other ways to send cards please check the Valentine’s Day post (that is the link) about greetings cards. I want to thank Melinda who commented on the Valentine’s day blog post for two of these ideas.   If you already have a Facebook account and  most of your friends have one also, the very simplest way to greet everyone is by posting your  holiday picture and greeting   in the “status”  section (also labeled  “What have you been up to?”) of your Facebook page.   Do you have other good ways to send greetings over the holiday seson? Please comment below and let us all share your knowledge. .

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