Repost of Why Doing Things for Yourself Is Important

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Repost of Why Doing Things for Yourself Is Important

8 years ago I posted this to Vision Loss and Personal Recovery – one of my very first blogposts!

Now as the pandemic recedes and leaves everyone restarting their lives, the huge disruption has left many people who live with vision impairment or blindness, especially seniors new to vision loss, more dependent on families, friends and care-givers than before.

Picking up your life again and improving your independent skills is what’s needed. It’s hard to begin, but each new skill  can give you a little burst of triumph!

Since I wrote this I have realized that Massachusetts is among the best states in offering services and some training to seniors losing vision. A few other states are as good but not many! Seniors and even working age adults can feel helpless with the long delays or total lack of learning opportunities from Blindness Services in some states. This is a terrible waste of potential especially now that adaptive technology offers so much scope for emails, notes, shopping, calendar and reminders, and that’s just the very beginning…

Hadley, a highly regarded institution, has many courses, podcasts and much more, all free. VisionAware is an online resource for seniors losing vision and their families. Their Directory of Services lists all the agencies in each state.

I hope this repost will encourage you to restart your own life  and become even more independent than before this past dreadful year.

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