2020 Senior Solutions, Low Tech and No Tech Tools for Independence

A black boombox-shaped radio with a carrying handle and big yellow buttons.

Repost from AccessWorld, American Foundation for the Blind.

This is a detailed article by Deborah Kendrick aimed at older people losing vision who want continued independence. The article includes a full list of ideas and links to resources. It is well worth reading.

Some products are free and most cost under $100.

Last week a group of vision rehab professionals picked out their own favorite products – three are in the article. Here they are but only the radio costs less than $100. The other products are well into the hundreds, but good value by comparison with the competition.

The IPEVO VZ-X, a lower-priced, well-designed, multi-function magnification tool that is a serious contender in the low vision market. (not in the AccessWorld article.)

The Blind Shell cell phone, a completely accessible cell phone with a tactile number pad and buttons and a consistent, easy-to-use menu system, designed for anyone wanting a bit more than a flip phone and unwilling to tackle the learning curve of a smartphone.

The Talking Black & Decker Toaster Oven, a kitchen appliance that is completely accessible.

The Sangean PR-D17 radio, a simple way to access your favorite news and entertainment, created especially for the low vision and blind market and with extra features for hearing loss. Available on Amazon for$75.

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