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 Re-Post of Low Vision Podcast: Low Vision Tech, The Doctor Said…

When anyone loses good vision their doctor may say she can’t do much more for you. But there is a whole qualified profession which can do a lot. Some states offer much more than others, but here is an excellent podcast from Steve Kelly a highly regarded vision rehab therapist/teacher. It’s short which is great! But offers lots of ways to move on after loss of good vision.

The Vision Rehab Podcast is a short monthly podcast on topics and issues related to vision rehabilitation therapist and vision rehab. You can also listen on your smart speaker, just ask for, “Vision Rehab Podcast.”

Maybe you‘ve been recently diagnosed with a vision loss that can’t be corrected, from Macular Degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or some other eye disease or injury. The doctor said there was nothing more she or he could do. You’re wondering what will happen next, because you’re having difficulty reading the paper, using the computer, driving, reading your recipes or medication instructions, seeing faces. You’re not prepared for this and wonder how you’ll manage.

For starters, when the doctor said there was nothing more that could be done, she meant there is nothing more medically that could be done. There is plenty more you can do to adjust to a vision loss, and there are resources you can use to learn more about the adjustment process.

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