My Heart Is Not Blind Podcast: Conversations with People Who Live with Blindness

Silhouette of a man standing against a long window shaded with horizontal blinds. The man is Dean and the photo is black and white.

My Heart is Not Blind: On Blindness and Perception by Michael Nye was published in 2019. It contains 45 in-depth conversations with people who live with low vision or blindness.

The interviews are full of revelations about the many ways blind people use perception. They are about to be launched in a weekly podcast.

Here is the link to Michael’s podcast page. It has introductions and the first 10 interviews, which will also be available on simple cast, apple podcast google podcasts spottify and other platforms when the series launches, releasing 2 conversations each week.

The book itself is available on Talking Books, book # db94924, and on Bookshare. The print edition has portrait photos of each person he spoke with.

The book’s introduction is one of the best descriptions of the reality of life with blindness.

Michael Nye, a sighted photographer, who has studied other disregarded minorities says:

“How does anyone, blind or sighted understand the world outside themselves? These conversations focus on the deep and shifting pools of perception and the mystery of transformation. Our other senses, separate from sight have their own wisdom.”

In 2021 I interviewed Michael about his book.

 Here is the link to the interview.

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