Managing Social Gatherings with Vision Loss This Festive Season, Hadley Presents

When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes: Vision Loss and Personal Recovery Featured on the Hadley Presents Podcast.

Going to a gathering over the next month is supposed to be a celebration of the season! But with vision loss gatherings may be no fun at all! You need strategies for success because socializing depends so much on seeing.

Here’s the link to the latest Hadley Presents: A Conversation with the Experts released Dec. 8, 2022.

I discuss with Ricky Enger, Practice Leader at Hadley, ways to manage different kinds of social event during the festive season and all year round.

Managing parties and events with vision loss, or hosting one yourself, Is a new skill to learn. Once you have some tools in your toolkit you can become socially confident again. Preparation such as calling ahead and then speaking up are two major tools.

Speaking up when you can’t see is a major topic of my book When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes, and my blog Vision Loss and Personal Recovery.

The Hadley Institute offers all kinds of classes, resources, and groups for people experiencing vision loss. Its services are world-wide and free.

And here’s the link to a podcast I did with Hadley Presents in May 2020, also about becoming socially confident after sight loss.

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