Makeup by Touch

No need to poke yourself.

(Referred to in  my new book: When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes, Chapter 7, “Lookin’ Good.”

Applying make-up by touch is not too hard. At first you will need someone interested who has good sight to check results. Then you do it yourself!

Before you begin:

A micro powder works better than liquid foundation, which is hard to blend perfectly around your hairline and neck. This also applies to blush and eyeshadow, choose powder over cream or liquid

Your fingers work better than applicators much of the time. That way you connect with the makeup and your face

For dry skins, use moisturizer to start with. Next come the concealing stick, the blush and the eyeshadow:

Concealing Stick

Concealants are usually more yellow than your skin tone to mask redness. Apply to any break out spots and Make sure to blend in around the edges.


First use the fingers of both hands simultaneously to trace along your cheekbone.

Go from the bone bump about one inch from your nose to close to your ears. (Check the photo and caption at the top.) Do this a few times so you know what line your fingers will follow and where the blush will begin and end. Now stroke your index finger across powder blush counting 1-3 strokes. Using the other hand as guide and marker stroke the blush along your cheekbone, starting on the bone-bump and ending two fingers-width from your ear. Use the same pressure and number of strokes of blush to make the same line along the other cheek. Spread the blush simultaneously on both sides with your fingers. Check the result with your friend. To begin with many students were so

cautious there was no blush visible!


I once had a student who could apply perfect eyeliner. “It’s having done it using the same exact movements thousands of times,” she said. Eye shadow is much easier!

Again use powdered eyeshadow and your finger not an applicator. (Wash your hands first!)Trace very gently over your eye lids with both index fingers at the same time.

Apply eyeshadow powder to your dominant fingertip with one or two strokes. Now place your other index finger against your nose with your fingertip resting on the eyelid, so no color gets onto your nose. Starting at your marker finger stroke the eyeshadow onto your eyelid, and blend in a little. Keep the color on your eyelid and not above it, as this is much harder to get right. Repeat as exactly as possible on the other eye and check with your friend.

Now you are ready for micro powder, mascara and lipstick, and this is where you don’t use your fingers anymore


Choosing the right one is important, so it’s worth calling the store to make sure there is a beauty assistant to consult about brands and prices and help with color and type to match your skin. For instance some micropowders are especially good for oily skin and some have a sheen or even glitter. They may come with a sponge for damp application and a puff for dry. Ask the assistant to show you how to apply the powder. You may be advised to sweep upwards from your neck, or just applied to certain areas of your face.


Stabbing your eye with the mascara wand is painful! Take a seat at a table, and place your elbow on it with the mascara brush loaded, your forearm bent up and your hand in line with the front edge of the table like a little shelf! Keep this hand and the brush quite still. Now bend your head down and bring the lashes of your nearly closed eye near enough to the brush to feel it’s nearness. Sweep the brush gently up the lashes. Repeat with the other eye, with luck some color will also touch the lower lashes.


You may already apply lipstick mostly by touch. Stretch your lips tight over your teeth and hold the lipstick almost flat as you apply it. Your lips have many more nerves than the surrounding skin, so keeping the color to your lips is often doable. Stay right with the lipstick as you apply it! Ask your friend to check the Lipstick color with your skin and favorite outfits. You could choose a muted color that works with almost anything or have labeled lipsticks for mineral colors, earth colors and much much more.

Have fun!…And don’t forget to clean your face carefully after wearing makeup.

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