Introduction to videos on When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes: Vision Loss and Personal Recovery

Here is an introductory video describing my own background and vision loss, and how the book got written.

This is the first of a video series on When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes. The book is now two years old and has won two awards. I will be talking about the phases or stages that many people experience as they lose vision, and the main points in each chapter, as well as some important resources. There will also be updates and information about vision loss during the pandemic. I hope you will find them encouraging and useful.

2 thoughts on “Introduction to videos on When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes: Vision Loss and Personal Recovery

  1. I am reading your book and so far it is wonderful. I have RP and am curious as to what eye disorder you have. I have been at Oregon Health and Science University and had many tests and find they are incredible. It is the first time I have had a councilor and have gotten the white cane. I am 74 and have just gotten actual help and am working on acceptance…I guess better late than never..I was diagnosed in 1979 and have lived in fear all that time.

    1. Hi Linda, So glad you got a copy of my book and have started reading it.Most people go through a long period of disbelief/denial especially perhaps people who hang on to good central vision for a long time. You asked about my eye condition: I have glaucoma and retinal detachment which happened overnight when I was 33. My sight has been stable for many years. I cannot read print except at extreme size and use speech and some braille. I can move around fairly well because I have color vision. Best wishes Hannah Fairbairn

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