This is the second How To video for anyone who has lost vision. They are all very short and there are no ads, so you only hear the information which I hope will be just what you need.

There will often be a link to a post on the same topic with more details. Today the details are from my book When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes, a section from Chapter 10, GETTING OUT ON YOUR OWN


Brian from the focus group says, “I always did have to plan for my job as a salesman. Now I use the same system for appointments.” Going solo to appointments may be easier for people whose loss of sight is fairly slow. With fast sight loss, or when there are other injuries or illness, you might want support for some time. If you take a moment to read through the Three P’s below, you may get a sense of what you are ready for.


Start with something, such as a manicure or a dental hygiene appointment. Hygienists are often good at chatting and there’s not much preparation for lying back with your mouth open!


Planning is needed to maintain adult status and keep you safe. “You build block upon block about what to do in advance and what to bring,” says Brian. Here are some blocks for you to work from, though not many appointments need this much prep.

  • Preparing any questions: Abbreviate your questions in a list. (More in Chapter 5: “Reading and Writing.”)
  • Deciding whether to take notes: You may want to record all of an important meeting, but you will need a second device if you want to note down something particular.
  • Getting there: Organize the street address and transportation in advance.
  • Packing your bag: It’s helpful to have a place for each item—medical cards and other documents, payment, phone, eye glasses, etc.
  • If you need to fill out forms or read information, arrive early and ask for someone to help you. Also, ask for a more private space to do this, so you don’t tell everyone your blood pressure.



Call ahead to say that you can’t see much so you will need to record the appointment, that you may need assistance from the entrance to the office, and that you will probably need extra time for the appointment.

Whew! These blocks seem huge at first. Then they become part of your routine. Arriving at your appointment well-prepared, having dealt with at least some of the planning and phoning yourself, boosts your confidence.


When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes: Vision Loss and Personal Recovery, the first How To guide for people losing sight and their families, published July 2019. Winnder of the “Outstanding Service to the Blind” Award from BSCB. It is available on Amazon in print, and Google Play Books as an accessible eBook, NLS talking books (#DBC11619) and on Bookshare. Thanks to generous friends and family the eBook is also available free of charge. It can be read in regular or large print or as an audio book. Apply for accessible free copy here.

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