Finding What You Need to Stay Safe: Containing Your Anti-COVID-19 Equipment

“Where are my mask and gloves, the disinfectant, the paper towel?” If everything you need to stay safe outside your home is right there in a basket or bin beside the door, you won’t be flustered into leaving home without proper protection. And you won’t have to ask for help finding it.

Set up the Anti COVID-19 container for yourself and you will know exactly where the gloves are. And just as critical you will be able to cleaned your cane or harness handle and the door knob when you return home . (Don’t forget to wipe down the container too!) You will also need to clean your keys, wallet, and phone but will probably want to keep them in a safer spot.

If you are “sheltering in place” without your usual activities this might be a good time to check out and update other organizational containers. I found my medication bin contained some drops I hadn’t used in months and the shoe rack wasn’t any better!

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 3 of my new book: When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes: Vision Loss and Personal Recovery. The section is called “Storing the Essentials” and may remind you about all the ways containers and exact placement make life easier if you live with low vision or blindness.


Storage methods are much the same with or without good sight—the only difference is that now you store with sides. Piles, layers, and rows slide and conceal what’s underneath. Containers with sides—bins, boxes, and baskets—stop the slippage. You become a bit like your dentist. He can reach for the mouth-mirror without really looking because it’s always in its own little compartment. Consider using contrasting colors for the bins to make them stand out.

Here are some starter suggestions:

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Shoes: Keep each pair in a shoebox.

Toiletries: Bathrooms are often shared, and few roommates put things back in the same spot. Keep your toilet stuff on a designated shelf or in a tote that you take with you to the bathroom.

Medications: Put just your current medications together in a container (or pill organizer) and store extra supplies in a different spot.

In our home, a pale blue basket holds the black TV remotes which would otherwise completely disappear on the dark couch .

This is just a short list and you will find lots more places where a simple, cheap, flat-bottomed bin, a basket or bowl will keep like items together. Then you can put your hand right on what you need.

Check out a previous blog post with many details about containers.

Please comment on this post. You probably have ideas that would benefit lots of other people. Share your container tips and tricks with the rest of us.

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