Does Your Pill Bottle Talk? Latest Update from ScripTalk

A hand is holding a pill bottle atop the SvripTalk reader, which is white and about the size of a portable CD player.
A hand is holding a pill bottle atop the SvripTalk reader, which is white and about the size of a portable CD player.

Here is the latest information listing all the health insurance companies that now offer the ScripTalk labels from their mail order pharmacies. Some pharmacies also provide ScripTalk at local pharmacies. (Check out the information below the list.) Unfortunately Walgreen’s developed their own talking prescription device. It is much less efficient in all ways.

The Scrip Talk prescription label reader comes free from En-Vision America. If you want more information you can call them:

(800)890-1180 during working hours.

They are available and helpful.

If you want to know the basics about talking prescription labels here is the link to a previous post.

Major mail order companies  that work with ScripTalk :

Walmart Mail Order 888-227-3403

CVS Mail Order 888-861-4363

Express Scripts 855-752-6605

Aetna 800-262-2226

Caremark 800-552-8159

Humana 800-379-0092

OptumRx private insurance 855-505-8107

OptumRx Medicare 855-475-5088

A customer should be able to just call into any participating pharmacy/mail order and request that ScripTalk be added to their prescriptions.

If anyone has trouble with a pharmacy or questions about what pharmacies carry ScripTalk, they can always call us at 800-890-1180,  says Aurora  Schnorr  of ScripTalk.

Also, every Walmart will carry ScripTalk upon request, and ScripTalk is also offered at every Rite Aid location. If a customer would like to request ScripTalk at their local pharmacy, they can give us a call and we will work with them and their pharmacy.

Here is a link to the EnVision America’s list of participating pharmacies to check for future updates:

Or you can search by zip code here.

When you ask your pharmacy for the ScripTalk prescription labels you should also consider how your medications come:

If it is pills in bottles then the ScripTalk label will be on the base of the bottle. You place the bottle on the ScripTalk reader, and it reads all the information (provided you have turned on the reader!)

If your medications comes in a box such as eye drops or a cream then you might want to ask for the special label to be placed on a hang tag. This is a thickish piece of film/plastic that is a flap on the side of the box. The special label will usually be on the outside of the flap, so it is easy to find. To get the hangtags you have to ask to speak to a pharmacist.

We are really getting there folks! Let us all know how you are doing with talking prescription labels.

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