Celebrating White Cane Safety Day, or White Cane Awareness Day

Pair of feet walking with a white cane

Re-Post from the Perkins School for the BlindWhite Cane Safety Day. Is the day set aside by the federal government to recognize the independence and skill of people who use white canes. It’s also a reminder that laws in all 50 states require drivers to yield the right of way to people with white canes, even when they’re not on a crosswalk.

This special day encourages everyone who lives with significant vision loss to brush up on their cane expertise; using it to sweep or 2-point touch the path ahead.

It is not on crosswalks that most people with vision loss have accidents. Instead accidents happen on sidewalks, tripping on roots, on jutting steps or on unexpected drop-offs. Your cane checks out the ground two feet ahead finding the hazards before you wreck your ankle, , break a tooth or much worse.

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