Water Gardening by Touch

Last week’s interview was about people who live with blindness finding vastly expanded possibilities in their other senses. Here is an example in this guest post on touch and sound used for business and pleasure by Doug Rose. My sighted wife and I have been water gardening as a hobby and as a business for […]

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Blooms With Meaning

Where I work we recently purchased four lovely bronze planters that presently  stand outside the doors to the Carroll Center Tech building with full lush ’mums in them. Soon enough, these will die back as winter arrives. Not wanting to see those planters empty, I purchased spring blooming bulbs and relocated the planters from outside to […]

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Living Gifts

With the fall closing in and Thanksgiving only a month away, you can create living gifts now, before life gets crazy, by planting bulbs in pots. There are two types of bulb that have been specially treated so that they can be grown without leaving them in a cold dark place for weeks (a process […]

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Porch Potatoes

Gardening is supposed to be a pleasure, but not when you are new to blindness. I once weeded up an entire row of my father’s newly planted carrots.  While you are beginning to adjust you may need to rest up some of the time. Being a couch potato can be depressing, but sitting on the […]

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