A woman in a red shirt is sitting on the left, her hands folded in her lap, her face turned towards the open window. Through the window there are green leaves on a tree.

During this time of “shelter in place” you may have lost visits with family or friends,  also going to stores, support group or classes, paid or unpaid work, and maybe most upsetting medical appointments such as diagnostic tests and treatments for all medical conditions, especially a recent eye condition.

Caring for yourself when you have added anxieties about loss of vision takes a lot of steadiness and courage. But this care can begin with simple routines for your body and mind that can be comforting and calming.

Spring is on the way and if the day is warm, sitting by an open window and breathing in the fresh air can lift your spirits all by itself.

Here are seven more suggestions:

Take a shower or tub often enjoying the spray, the warm water and the steam

Set aside a time to care for your skin, your hair, your nails, your beard, and any other body needs

Put on clean clothes next to your clean skin as often as is practical

Try to do ten minutes daily stretches including your neck and shoulders which can hold on to stress

Find a time to do a mind-centering or breathing exercise, pray , or meditate

Make small changes around your home that suit your vision

Take on a daily task at home to assist family or roommates such as managing the dishwasher or part of the laundry

If you can make regular times – a small schedule – it may make you feel more like yourself.

These tips are adapted from my new Book, When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes: Vision Loss and Personal Recovery.You’ll find links to print and accessible copies and the Talking Book and Bookshare catalog entries on my home page, and on the book page where you can also apply for a free accessible eBook.

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