Book: How to read on Google Play Books

First you buy the book on a laptop or desktop computer from Google Play Books: When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes: Vision Loss and Personal Recovery – $15.63

Or you can apply for a copy free of charge by filling out this simple form.

On your phone or tablet go to the Apple app store for iPhones, or the Google Play store for Androids. Find the Google Play Books app, (it’s free,) and install it on your phone.

The book may then appear on the app, or you might have to download it. All this is probably “teaching my grandmother…” but if you don’t know it is confusing.

Before you open the book there is a choice of eBook or audio book. Choose audio book if you intend to use speech (read aloud) even occasionally. You can still enlarge and change the print, and getting around the book works much better.

When you open the book for the first time you may be offered a choice of “original text” or “flowing text.” Choose flowing text for speech. 

If you are not offered this choice, open the menu and go to book settings at the top right. This is where you can change the font and enlarge the text, and at the bottom of this settings Page you can choose flowing text.

Now you should be all set! I believe you will find the book valuable!  

Two more accessible versions will be available in December, as a Library of Congress Talking Book, and on Bookshare. 

For other issues with reading the book search for 

“Get in Touch Google Accessibility.” 

The support team want you to use email, but you can fill out a short explanation form and have a phone call. This applies whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone.

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  1. I would like to buy a hard copy/paper back version of the your book in large print or a digital copy for my Kindle, but it doesn’t appear as if either of these options is available. Can you tell me if I can get a large print version of the paperback? Amazon’s description doesn’t include the print size.

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