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When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes

Amendment Chapter 2: “Finances, Employment, and Housing”

The FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) does not mandate compensation by the employer during the 12 weeks leave of absence. Some employers offer some pay as part of the benefits they offer, but others do not. is now being run jointly by the American Foundation for the Blind and American Printing House for the Blind and is being updated. The website is still working fine, but the excellent search app called VisionConnect which allows you to search for vision loss resources in any zip code is now part of rather than a separate App.

Comments and Tips
From Pamela J. Holloway,Vision Rehab Teacher in Oklahoma:

“When you are given a paper receipt to sign, ask the employee to crease or fold the receipt just below where she wants you to write.”

Hannah says: Why did I never think of this!

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  1. Legislation has been passed so that Massachusetts employers now deduct a pre-determined amount from an employee’s salary so that beginning 2021, persons qualifying for the FMLA can receive pay.

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