Bigger Smartphones Can Mean Hand Pain

My last birthday was biggish and my generous younger daughter offered me my choice of a new smartphone.

My remaining vision depends on color so I loved the large screens and brighter colors.

I did think, but not very hard, about the extra stretch to reach the buttons, which are also tougher to press, combined with the extra weight. I have the sense to avoid the really big models but it was mostly about whether the phone fit in my pocket, not about my medium-sized hands (7 ½ inch stretch) and small wrists.

Now I have tendonitis especially in my dominant left hand. The treatment is to immobilize the thumb for several weeks. Ha ha!

The question for anyone with vision loss is whether a great new phone with a big screen and longer battery life is worth potential hand, wrist, thumb, and pinkie pain? I’m counting up the benefits…and the risks…

All of us who live with vision loss or blindness use our hands all the time in so many ingenious ways. If you have forgotten some of them the previous post is a re-post from the first months of Vision Loss and Personal It’s there to remind you and all of us: Your Wonderful Hands.

And here’s the medical advice: 9 tips for avoiding smart phone hand pain

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