7 Tips for Spring Redecorating

Cream-colored table on dark red rug with two feet of wood floor around the rug to give clear access to the kitchen and hall
Cream-colored table on dark red rug with two feet of wood floor around the rug to give clear access to the kitchen and hall

How’s your bruise Collection? Do you bang into things even at home, and feel nervous approaching the top step?    Are you leaving everything the way it was before, or changing the décor to make best use of your remaining sight? Do you have little sight now or none, and wonder if there is a better way to organize your home so you can move freely?

Of course you’ll have to talk this over with the others in your home and be firm,  and determined about  pointing out how essential it is for everyone to have a safe, stress-free home.

7 tips for home décor that works for everyone:

1.   Large or fixed rugs that can’t slip, and with corners taped down so they don’t lift

2.     Floors and countertops well finished so there are no cracks to splinter or trap dirt

3.     Stairs and steps that have a handrail, and the top of the stairs is signaled by the beginning of the railing or a change in floor covering. If the top of the stairs is between you and the bathroom, consider putting up a baby gate at night.

Solid furniture with no sharp points. The furniture must take your weight, or the weight of a heavy tray even   when poorly placed.

5.     With remaining sight: Wall paints that are non-glary but give good contrast with the floor and furniture

6.     Rugs and upholstery with plain colors so you can see a little more, or with patterns to camouflage any crumbs or dust, the same with kitchen and bathroom counters

7.     Furniture mostly against the walls   so you can move easily, and anything in the center, like a table, solid and never moved

There’s no need to feel useless. You can make the phone calls and get prices and options. You can also be part of the painting process. You can  wash down the walls, and do some sanding, and maybe some spackling. My husband, Neil can take some convincing, but I think I’m a fair spackler! I can also do undercoats if Neil occasionally brushes out drips. We have some lively conversations on the topic I’ll admit, but it’s important to stay involved.

What are your tips? Are you the decorator at home? Comment here

3 thoughts on “7 Tips for Spring Redecorating

  1. We long ago did away with coffee tables (fondly referred to as shin barkers). Convince those in your home and life to either open or close a door. Place chairs completely under tables. Great job Hanna!

    1. You have a home that works for everyone- well done! I quite agree about coffee tables- horrible things.

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