The Other Side of the Blind

Last week’s post focused on the common misuse of the word blind to give negative punch to statements meaning ignorant or unaware. I got some push-back from my family as you will discover if you have a minute to check out the comments from last week. This post is focusing on the other side of […]

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The Word “Blind” Is Still Misused in Everyday Speech- Let’s Get Rid of It!

Blind is commonly misused by people to add negative punch to their speech. By blind they mean unaware or ignorant. This meaning is only positive in “blind justice”, otherwise  this  prejudiced use of blind can only adds to the sense of profiling that many blind people carry with them. Yet when you meet someone who […]

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Have You Been to a Described Show?

Here is a re-post from the New York Times theater review section. Check out theaters in your city In case the condenser filter is blocked, the cooling would not be proper. purchase cialis Not only do you have to determine if you are the ideal candidate for the medication, cheap sildenafil no prescription which […]

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