Designed for You: How to Navigate This Website

Vision Loss and Personal Recovery has been specially constructed for easy access by anyone who is adjusting to vision loss. Whether you are able to read clear or large print, or are using ZoomText, Magic, or a screen reader, the website is simple to use.

So much of the first years of vision loss are spent facing “walls whichever way you turn,” as one client put it. Vision Loss and Personal Recovery has been designed to help lower some of these walls.

You can get to the Vision Loss and Personal Recovery website from 2 kinds of device:

  • From a PC or Mac
  • From a smart phone or tablet

Whichever type of device you prefer, the website is easy to read with vision or with little or no vision. Older adults with a significant eye condition often lose vision slowly, so the website is visually attractive. But some of our readers will have lost all or nearly all their vision, so the site is also easy to navigate with a screen reader.

The Website Has:

  • Large white and coral titles framed in black with one unusually large, long image
  • A name for the website that clearly announces its purpose to screen reader users
  • A black, white and coral color scheme and generous spaces around the large-print paragraphs for easy print reading
  • Extra large photos at the top of many blog posts with descriptive captions
  • Top to bottom navigation with no side bars
  • Just 3 links across the top, and 1 more to read the interview withJean (the man in the photo)
  • For screen readers, the  “links list” key strokeswork beautifully
  • A link to the Post Archive, placed in a bar across the top of the Blog page. This takes the place of a search box, which can be difficult to find if you have reduced vision, and troublesome to use with a screen reader. Again the links list will read you all the links
  •  Post Archive dividing previous posts into seven categories or links. Within the categories blog posts are placed with the most recent first

What Are the Categories in the Post Archive?

  • Electronics
  • Home Life
  • Introducing (interviews with people going through vision loss)
  • Organization
  • Personal Recovery
  • Socializing including Social Communication
  • Travel

When Accessing the Website on an iPod Touch, iPhone, or Android Smart Phone – It’s Almost the Same

The wide black margins become narrow when viewed on a smartphone or iPod Touch. But the whole website is still completely visible. The titles, photos, and text are not distorted or changed. The pictures still have captions, and VoiceOver reads the site nicely.

Quick Access to the Website:

  • Vision Loss and Personal Recovery can be a “favorite” or be “bookmarked” on your PC or Mac, or you can place a shortcut to the website on your desktop.
  • The website can be placed on the home screen of an iPhone or other i-device by opening in your web browser and tapping “share” at the bottom of the screen. “Add to Home Screen” is one of the choices.

Whether you have an icon for this website on your desktop computer, laptop or smart phone or tablet, you can move the icon to an easy-to-find spot – in a corner or at the top.

Another option is to access the website through the Vision Loss and Personal Recovery Facebook page. Many people who live with vision loss use and enjoy Facebook – often using a smart device to read their newsfeed, etc. – but some people do use the site on a computer. It’s tricky, but people do it.


You might need a friend to bookmark the website, or place the icon on your desktop, and maybe to assist you at the beginning, but we hope you will soon be navigating smoothly around the site.


Let us know what you think, and any improvements we could make.





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