Out of Sight, Out of Mind

  Vision Loss and Personal Recovery welcomes its first guest blogger DeAnn Elliott DeAnn shares important information for seniors who may think they’re confused, but maybe it’s not that at all… Out of Sight, Out of Mind   It happened again this morning. My teenager told me that I’d left the cream cheese in front of the toaster, instead […]

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Porch Potatoes

    Gardening is supposed to be a pleasure, but not when you are new to blindness. I once weeded up an entire row of my father’s newly planted carrots.  While you are beginning to adjust you may need to rest up some of the time. Being a couch potato can be depressing, but sitting […]

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Putting on the Gloves

David Kingsbury is a guide at the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) in Boston, which is surprising because he is blind. You might think that an art museum was the last place someone who had lost all his sight in mid-career would want to be! Why go somewhere where it’s completely visual after losing vision? […]

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