The Amazon Echo

On the left of the image is  the circular black top of the Echo, with a blue-green light around the rim. On the right is the side view of the black tube.

The Amazon Echo is a new kind of smart computer, that is controlled by your voice. It was launched in 2014 but has now really caught on. It is housed in a black tube. You use it by talking to it, like Siri on an iPhone. The word to wake the Echo, it’s called the […]

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Does Your Pill Bottle Talk? Latest Update from ScripTalk


  Here is the latest information listing all the health insurance companies that now offer the ScripTalk labels from their mail order pharmacies. Some pharmacies also provide ScripTalk at local pharmacies. (Check out the information below the list.) Unfortunately Walgreen’s developed their own talking prescription device. It is much less efficient in all ways. The […]

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Poem on Blindness

IlanaRei is on the right side of the photo. She is holding her big, dark-colored cat.

  Written by IlanaRei Goss I’m currently working full time as a psychotherapist for the LGBT community in Jamaica Plain (a suburb of Boston Mass).  I’m also a writer, knitter and cook.  Going blind has not changed the big picture of my life, just the small details of how to do certain things, and I […]

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